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Project type:Erasmus+ 
Time:01/2016 – 03/2019
Coordinator:PH Freiburg
Project number:562248-EPP-1-2015-1-DE-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD
Amount financed VOL:62 833 Euro

PREPARE was a three year research project with the aim to strengthen competences of self reflection amongst those studying to be teachers in diverse phases of their training. 

The methods to reach this were to build an online platform (“PrepareCampus”) with work on e-protfolios, social video learning (especially video tagging) and learning analytics, to collect and analyse information on the needs for developments for the curricula and the individual needs for extra support.

Verein Offenes Lernen was responsible for the learning analytics. That included finding out which interesting information was to be found where and how in the data, as well as providing this information to learners and those teaching in a way that would be the most useful for them. 

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