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DI Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart is a founding member of Verein Offenes Lernen. Her background is in informatics and she has many years experience working in the educational field. During her maternity leave she got engaged in the areas of computer literacy and constructivist learning. She has a trained montessori pedagogist and knows both the educational and the informatics world very well. 

DI Klaus Hammermüller is a founding member if Verein Offenes Lernen. His professional background is that of research, lecturer in university and trainer in the field of informatics.He also studies economy at the university of Hongkong and returned from his time in China with the conviction to invest in education.

Dr. DI Sebastian Kelle is a scientists and informatics expert with a social expertise in education and new media. Currently he works at the Hochschule für Medien in Stuttgart. He supports the association in constantly improving the scientific standards and has been a member of the organisation from the beginning.

MMag.a Valerie Weidinger supports the association in project management and is on of our most valuable employees. With her background in social sciences, expertise in non formal education and a heart for intercultural collaboration she is a great asset in our international work.