LIP I and II

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Project type:NetideePhase I: Call #7, project number: 348Phase II: Call #9, project number: 1091 
Time:Phase I: 04/2012 – 09/2012Phase II: 04/2014 – 09/2014
Coordination and implementation:Verein Offenes Lernen

The LIP project happened in two phases:

Phase I

The project was started to reorganise the communication and educational processes through the usage of modern medias. The processes focused on the groups of learners, parents and educators.

The project should give students the ability to contribute to the documenting and analysing of their own learning processes. By doing this they created a individualised, online communication basis for all involved. A big contribution was the fact that physical learning materials were connected with the internet through “tags”. This strengthened the personal, individual learning as well as the competencies in areas such as communications and media. 

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Phase II

By prolonging the project – at that point already successfully implemented in ten classes – we raised its spreading, quality and implementation. 

The following steps were taken to do so: targeted promotion of LIP, improving the access to internet and necessary tools, and improving LIP through the feedback received from newly participating people. 

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