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Project type:7. European Programme
Time:09/2010 – 11/2014
Coordinator:Joanneum Research, Graz

NEXT-TELL had the ambitious aim to reinvent the classroom of the 21st century. The team used ICT methods to create a model for the evaluation of achievements that is not based on numbers or letters but shows at the overall performance of a learner. This detailed information can be the basis for constructive feedback.

The main activities were:

  1. Conceptualize and implement a process of learning evaluation in ICT supported learning.
  2. Provide ICT ressources and support for teachers and students to develop learning activities and evaluation methods that fit in the 21st century.
  3. Offer IT support to make it possible for teachers and students to have differentiated information about the learning process of the students. 
  4. Provide IT support to document the learning activities of students in informal settings (outside the learning context in schools).
  5. Promote the professional developments of teachers through giving them the chance to grow based on the information they have about the learning process of their students.
  6. Improve the abilities of a school to base their strategic decisions about the professional development of their teachers on data.

Verein Offenes Lernen contributed in two main areas:

  1. Creation of learning contexts in the virtual world in which learning progress is automatically  documented through the solving of tasks. Based on these tasks the system can make conclusions about the competences of the learners. One of these scenarios was recognized highly in the scientific community and cited on many occasions – “The Chatterdale Mystery”.

2. The “LIP-App” that allows for learning to be documented and evaluated in an intuitive way even when it is not based on ICT materials. 

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