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Project type:EU: Lifelong Learning
Time:01/2009 – 12/2010
Coordinator:KTP – Společnost pro kvalifikaci na trhu práce

Even though the number of those learning eastern European languages had increased almost no online learning tools for these languages existed. The project “talk-with-me” aimed to close this gap and develop a platform for students of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian. 

A special characteristics of this platform was the placement of the learning in a 3D context in SecondLife. In these settings the team developed country specific areas in which interactions and learning could happen with or without the trainer present. The 3D location was also meant to be a place of informal encounters between learners and native speakers which would be able to chat, learn and play the prepared games (e.g. a quiz) together. 

This platform was provided free of charge and taught the language level of A1. The content was created mainly for people who for their work had to be in contact with people in neighbouring countries and should be able to understand a minimum of each others’ languages. The open structure of the platform made it possible for the participants to add further materials themselves.

.Additionally to creating this platform the project developed guidelines for integrating 3D learning and adapting it to the needs of specific target groups. 

Verein Offenes Lernen built on many years of creating 3D learning scenarios and contributed to the project in the design, implementation and evaluation of such learning scenarios.