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Project type:EU: Lifelong Learning
Time:01/2009 – 12/2010
Coordinator:University of Manchester

The aim of Avalon was the development of courses in which language teachers would learn how to use 3D scenarios for education. 

More specifically the aims were: 

  1. Providing a collection of scenarios and materials that are specifically tailored to learn a language. That included a model of rewards that should keep the learners motivated to return in the virtual learning world created also during their free time for some informal learning time. Furthermore the team provided educators with guidelines/ a collection of best practices. 
  2. Providing training for the educators. The course was built as a combination of 2D and 3D scenarios – Moodle and Second Life. The materials created could be used by all training facilities in an unchanged, adapted or further developed form, and the course included an internationally recognised certificate. The first pilot groups could gain experience and then function as trainers in the courses themselves. 
  3. The provided platform (2D and 3D) was able to accommodate both language learners and those who were in the teacher training process. 
  4. A number of openly accessible reports, conference presentations, a blog, a website and an active online community. 

Verein Offenes Lernen had a leading role in the creation of the online learning scenarios, because of its pioneering role in using 3D worlds. 

More information about the project: